For The Scrap Metal, Thieves Steal Entire Bridge. THE WHOLE BRIDGE!

Not the Bridge in Question, but credit to “”

Wow; I guess you can steal pretty much ANYTHING now-a-days. Earlier this year, in the Gölçük district of Kocaeli province in western Turkey , someone — like some PEOPLE — stole a 22-ton, 82-foot-long bridge. Yes; an ENTIRE bridge has vanished. The police suspect that the bridge was cut into sections, then removed onto a truck to sell the scrap metal for cold, hard cash, which it’s estimated value is around $11,000. Before the dastardly deed was done, local villagers use the bridge to access their orchards, but now many have to “take our socks off and cross the creek”, according to local resident, Mustafa Karakaş.

The weirdest part of the whole theft story is that this was NOT the first time a bridge has been stolen in recent memory, as in North Beaver Township, Pennsylvania, the cops were scratching their heads regarding a 50-foot long, 20-foot wide steel bridge worth over $100,000 vanished out of thin air.

But here’s the thing: stealing a BRIDGE just HAS to be a fairly complicated crime; it’s not “Magician’s Greatest Secrets” trick, you guys. Both crimes had to have been done over a period of time to successfully pull off, typically with having to take the bridge apart in sections and properly transporting them away. But you still have to ask yourself:

 how does this just happen!? It’s a crime that seems so farfetched, but it’s happened twice already this year. We kind of know WHY and HOW it was done, but how did it go unnoticed for so long. Also, WHO STEALS A BRIDGE?! That takes an amount of gall to pull something as bold as this off with very-little-if-any notice.  What’s next to get stolen? The Golden State Bridge? The Space Needle? The Capitol? It’s kind of like we’re living in the world of that movie “Now You See Me…”, but I don’t feel like I wasted 8 bucks.

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