The Goron Cushion Doesn’t Help The “Lazy Gamer” Stereotype

From over 20 years of playing video games, I can tell you that just sitting down or laying on the floor and gaming is hard work! Sarcasm???….. Oh well, apparently a Japanese company also found the process to be SO INTENSE that they created the above contraption for people who want to sprawl out and game, but don’t want the hassle of holding something up, you know, ’cause holding stuff is for suckers!  The invention is a cushion called “Goron,” which in Japanese is a reference to lying down. And that’s ALL you have to do: climb in and lie down.

Apparently, the cushion is comfortable, and what’s neat about it is that you can affix your tablet or smartphone to it, PLUS the clamp you affix the device to can move around as well. Essentially, this works well if you are playing a motion controlled racing game. But if you’re more of a console-type of gamer (like myself), then you’ll be glad to know that you can also clamp in a monitor and then lie on your back and play those same home console games, as well.


Now I know, I know…..this thing looks goofy as heck, but I can see it have more beneficial uses, particularly for individuals who are unable to get out of bed.  Plus, it’s not too bad for those healthy-and-lazy-that-would-then-make-us-unhealthy folks who are…TOO LAZY… to sit up straight.  The Goron is now priced at 19,800 yen (US$195), and is available in Japan in three colors: green, orange, and red.


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