Turn Your PC On With a Knock, ‘Cause Buttons Are For Suckers!

I can’t (well, NONE OF US should) complain about pressing a button to turn on your computer; it’s not difficult at all. But maybe you just want to be able to find a new way to boot up your computer, maybe make it a more personalized. Have you thought about turning on your computer with a simple knock? A little rapping on the work desk? Some shave-and-a-haircut? Huh? SURE YOU DO! Thanks to Code and Life, who have provided the simple to follow instructions and easy to come-by hardware, now YOU TOO will be able to turn your computer on with a knock.

The build itself costs only about $10 total and uses a ATtiny45, piezo sensor, PS/2 connector, and a few other minor items, with the result is a switch that’ll turn your computer on (or off) with a knock. The ATtiny45 is modded to emulate a PS/2 device, and sends a keypress when three knocks are detected in the attached piezoelectric sensor (also called a “piezo buzzer”). This appears to be a very impressive mod for your PC if your computer can boot with a PS/2 keyboard input. Plus, if you have your computer stowed away somewhere, or it’s hard to reach, or (the main reason for trying anything new tech-related) you just want to impress your friends, this a really neat little gadget!

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