This 360 Building Goes ALL…THE…WAY…AROUND…

Question: I want you to point out the front façade to this building based on the picture above. Can you see it? Nope? OF COURSE NOT, because this building projects to ALL sides showing NO distinction between main and secondary façades!!! HA!!! Anyway, the 360º Building by Isay Weinfeld, located in São Paulo — aka the largest city in –, Brazil (home to 10 million+ people live within 947+ square miles) was introduced as an alternative to the vertical multi-family housing buildings commonly found, which simply just stacks basic, compact and cramped apartment units on top of each other. Though this and lack of open air spaces for outdoor activities, and lack of time for leisure activities due to long commutes and multiple commitments are commonplace in the city, how were these issues handled.

The 360º Building rises on top of a ridge that separates the two districts of Alto de Pinheiros and Alto da Lapa – which offer prime exterior views of the surrounding area and the city. The building features 62 elevated homes with REAL, HONEST-TO-GOODNESS outdoor yards (read: NOT balconies) that were designed as REAL living spaces that are characteristically wide, airy and bright. The complex also feature a variety of 7 different types of apartments, ranging from 130, 170, 250 or 415 square meters, in combined sets of 2, 3 or 4 units per floor with 6 different arrangements.

Here’s the building experience as written by the architect — so you know there’ll be a HARD sell:

“Leaving the street and past the reception, a suspended walkway leads to the building’s lobby, surrounded on all sides by a reflective pool. Down one floor, on the ground level, entertaining areas and other facilities – gym, lounge, party room and laundry – will be located, as also the janitor’s living quarters. Further down, are 3 parking levels, and, on the lowermost level, employees quarters, storage and engine rooms, in addition to a sauna and an outdoor swimming pool. The land, a steep downwards slope, allows the lower levels to be semi-subterranean, always keeping 2 sides open to the light and to ventilation.”

So, here’s to your Brazilian champagne wishes and caviar dreams……

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