I’m surprised that it took THIS long for something like this to be developed, but Under Armour has made a bold claim that they have finally “fixed zippers.” The sports-apparel company’s new Magzip feature may be innovative and may not change the world as we know it, but it is a huge improvement to the 100-plus year existing clothing technology that are zippers. It may be easy to call the people at Under Armour ‘witches’ and ‘warlocks’., but if you’ve ever fumbled trying to connect the two loose ends of a zipper—and if you claim you haven’t, SHUT UP, YOU LIAR—you’ll be immediately intrigued in the one-handed, strongly magnetized zipper with a  re-engineered clasp and you’ll DEFINITELY see the value in Under Armour’s new approach. I mean, IT AUTOMATICALLY guides the two ends of a zipper together, and you ONLY NEED ONE HAND to zip up or down.

The idea for the Magzip came from engineer Scott Peters, who originally designed it to accommodate those living with conditions that inhibit their certain motor skills/control and coordination so they could easily be able to dress themselves. Perfecting the mechanism needed roughly 25 varied and different prototypes, but Peters managed to get the final version patented and eventually licensed the technology to Under Armour for a new line of clothing and jackets due to be released in the fall of 2014. I guess we’re stuck with fumbling around with the zippers we got now until next year; oh well, at least it’ll get easier in due time…

[Thanks Under Armour]


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