Giancarlo Mazzanti on Architectural Modules and Systems for Social Inclusion

‘Colombia: Transformed/Architecture=Politics’ is an exhibition that took place at the Center for Architecture, which included a lecture by Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti on ‘Architecture for social inclusion’, that took place on morning of October 11th.  The buildings shown at the exhibition sought to evolve into a means of social inclusion to improve lifestyle factors and financial competitiveness in the deteriorated areas of Colombia. Through this, these buildings could create the promotion of social well-being and building a fairer, more sustainable society based on architecture alone.

The issue being addressed is that many professionals believe in architecture’s worth being more than just what the building is, but on what that building can produce by being able to do more than its capacity and existence represents.  In other words, architecture should be defined more by what it does and not by its substance.  The exhibition’s goal is to induce actions, happenings and relationships, thus allowing for designers to develop forms, patterns or open material organizations that allow the creation and genesis of social actions.  They can be introduced not just through the implementation of authoritarian, functional schemes, but by the inclusion of stimulating new everyday interactions. This would bring in a type of architecture with the ability to generate new behaviors and relationships, encouraging people to behave, mentally and physically, in ways they would have never thought possible.  It’s true that nothing is never quite what it seems, but I like that open discussion into not only advocating, but actively promoting and implementing the thought that architecture is MUCH MORE than just a building taking up space.  They can be used for improving the quality of life for civilians (rich AND poor), businesses and tourists, no matter where these buildings are installed.

So...What Do You Think?

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