Google Pulls a ‘Solid Snake’; Sneaks Chrome OS Into Windows 8’s ‘Metro’ Mode

Now that the obvious Metal Gear reference is out of the way…oh, Google; you sneaky, crafty little scamp!  While I was happy to finally see the Google Chrome apps break out of the browser and become a real, offline app menu, it seems that the “Big G” wasn’t planning on just stopping there.  There was a recent update to the developer version of Google Chrome that essentially runs Google’s Chrome OS inside of Windows 8. SAY WHA?!?!?


The new (and kinda-sorta secret) feature  basically allows the “Metro” interface for Chrome to turn into its own multi-windowed mini-desktop user interface, along with a bottom bar of Chrome apps and essentially much of anything else you’d expect from Google’s browser-based operating system.  Since it’s the developer version/build, the functionality is currently super buggy, and even though this kinda-sorta-maybe version of Chrome OS is running in Windows 8’s “Metro” mode, it requires the browser to have its real roots in the desktop (sorry Windows RT users; this works for 8 Pro and above only).

Image representing Google Chrome as depicted i...

Google seems to be very intent on making its apps and services much easier for people to rely on and access—which is kinda why Chrome OS is a thing—even on a competitors own operating system. If you’re brave enough, download and check out the developer version of Chrome onto any Windows 8 Pro device.

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