Forget ‘WrestleMania’; THIS…IS…’TRIPLEMANIA’!!

Being a pro wrestling fan and a Texan, I hear an awful lot about lucha-libre wrestling, and I manage to watch it (particularly the AAA) on television on the local stations.  As part of promoting shows, I saw a lot of ads for an annual event called TripleMania.  Triplemanía is the biggest annual professional wrestling event promoted by the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (or the aforementioned “AAA”) promotion, and is traditionally held in May or June each year to commemorate the anniversary of the foundation of promotion. The most recent event, Triplemanía XXI, took place on June 16, 2013, at the Mexico City Arena in México City, México — because, well, WHAT OTHER city or country would the Mexico City Arena be in. A majority of the shows have been pay-per-view events, with only a few shown as television specials. The show has been promoted for 20 years, with 27 shows in total under the Triplemanía banner, due to some Triplemanías being held as a series of two or three shows per year, but it has been a single show in recent years. The name is a combination of how “AAA” is pronounced in Spanish, “Triple A” and WrestleMania, WWE’s biggest annual show.

The first Triplemanía was held on April 30, 1993 at Plaza de Toros in Mexico City, Mexico, drawing 48,000 spectators — the largest number for any Triplemanía or any wrestling event ever held in Mexico. Triplemanía events held since then have been in April, May, June or July, with most occurring in May or July in recent years. From 1994 to 1996 AAA held three Triplemanía events,  and only two in 1997, while holding only one Triplemanía in subsequent years. Three cities are tied for most Triplemanía events hosted at four events each, being Mexico City, Naucalpan and Madero.  Triplemanía has been held outside of Mexico twice, Triplemanía IV-A was held in Chicago, Illinois in the United States and Triplemanía VIII was held in Tokyo, Japan.

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