The Inside/Outside Vertical Farms in Tokyo

One of the issues that the world of agriculture is finding today is the lack of concern for the practice due to the large – – and increasing — number of young people migrating to cities. Over the past several year, there have been prototypes for urban/vertical farms (self-contained or co-existing with occupied buildings) developed, and since it seems that urban growth will continue to rise, these new agricultural means and methods see to be the way to go.  Kono Designs, the architecture firm behind the project at the Pasona offices, is hoping that this new urban farm/office building type will inspire young urbanites to possibly reconsider agriculture and possibly help reinvigorate rural areas.

At the offices of Pasona, the Tokyo based recruitment agency, they dedicated 20% of their 215,000 square foot office to growing fresh vegetables, turning it to the largest urban farm in Japan.  The food grown in the office isn’t meant to just feed the agency’s employees, and their gardens use a mix of hydroponic and soil-based farming, requiring the building to keep up very specific climate control measures. This often results in keeping these garden spaces warmer than what is typically comfortable for office spaces, which is possibly the building’s only, yet greatest downfall; at least the project seems poised to inspire other offices to take part in this new trend in urban design.

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