Kickstarter Campaign to Beautify Vacant NYC Storefronts

Quite possibly the ugliest thing you can see in an indoor mall, strip mall, or any shopping district are vacant and graffiti covered storefronts. In an effort to rectify that issue and activate the variety of vacant storefront in New York City’s Lower East Side, the miLES Storefront Transformer hopes to meet their Kickstarter funding goal.  The miLES Storefront Transformer is a 6-foot cube containing a movable set of furniture and amenities from Architecture Commons to “program any storefront.” So far there are seven individual pop-up sets, created by a number of planners and designers, and will be installed in empty storefronts from November 4th to December 22nd this year.

According to those behind the project, “when unfolded, the Transformer provides functional elements such as shelving, partitions, tables, seats, stage, as well as infrastructure such as lighting, WiFi, power strips, speakers, projectors, and PA system”. Due to the design’s flexibility seven themes will be showcased: Show, Play, Share, Learn, Make, Shop, and Eat. Since the successful pilot display of the project in April that showed that the model could be “a viable, sustainable, and scalable means to activate storefronts across the world.” The goal for the project is for it to “incubate more amazing ideas and create more pop-ups in the future.” If you wish to find more info about the miLES Storefront Transformer, check out their Kickstarter campaign (which ends October 19th, 2013) and their website.


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