Gigabyte’s tiny, adorable (maybe “SteamBox”) BRIX Gaming PC

If you are still holding out hope for a Steam Box PC/console, then you’re gonna want to listen to this.  This is Gigabyte’s Brix gaming PC from Gigabyte’s Brix line, and basically what it is is an ENTIRE PERSONAL COMPUTER crammed into a cube case roughly 4.5 inches wide, thick, wide, and long. The tiny machine also comes equipped with Intel’s brand new Haswell processor and, more importantly, Iris Pro integrated graphics. The connectivity options for the Brix includes 4 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI input, Ethernet input, Bluetooth 4.0, built-in WiFi and a headphone jack.

The crew over at Engadget tested this tiny box of awesome out by playing Grid 2, which they said played smoothly in 1080p. While the Brix probably won’t outperform a super-charged gaming PC system with a dedicated GPU, but still appears to sound pretty impressive nonetheless. There is currently no release date for the Brix PC yet, but they are expected to retail for $500, but you’ll have to provide your own RAM, 2.5-inch hard drive and operating system of your liking.

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