Pressy is a One-Button Android Controller & New Kickstarter Darling

Remember buttons? Those things that allowed us to get access to and confirm commands and options on our devices? Well, thanks to advancements of touch screens, you can just look at your smartphone and realize that it may only have 3 ACTUAL buttons (power, volume up, volume down) while everything else depends on the touch screen.  Well, this nice piece of tech is the Pressy — coming from Nimrod Back and the land of Kickstarter — which is a multifunction Android controller that plugs into any Android device’s headphone port (Gingerbread and above), and clicking its unobtrusive 0.7mm-tall button controls and automates any manner of your gizmo’s functions. Through its app you can assign a given task to a sequence of clicks; it’s up to you if it takes two short clicks to speed-dial your mom or one long press to snap an unobtrusive picture, for example. You can still use it if you have a pair of headphones in too, with the headphone’s play button substituting as the control button itself.

The Pressy Kickstarter project was so successful, it more than doubled its $40,000 goal (raising over $480,000 from over 20,000 backers as of this writing) and with 27 days left to go, the numbers keep climbing higher and higher. It’s likely that Pressy’s simplicity is what’s making it as big as a hit as the Bolex Camera and the Pebble watch.  Unlike other Kickstarters, the Pressy isn’t some far-off prospect that backers and the public will have to wait long for, as developer Nimrod Back has promised Pressy will be available within four months. The basic Pressy will cost you $17, but if you want a choice of colors and a keychain storage sheath you’ll only have to pay $25, just $8 more. But if you wish to go the extra mile and program/develop for the Pressy, you can buy the device’s API for $1,000. There! HAVE AT IT!

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