In Post-Soviet Russia, this Solarium and Olive Beach is Made of Wood. Yup.

It’s no clever Yakov Smirnov joke, but, yeah; I apologize.  Anyway, over in the land of Moscow, Russia, architecture firm Megabudka (with Darya Listopad and Artem Ukropov on the design team) came up with a way  to create an alternative to the main entrance to Gorky Park in 2011. The team decided on contrasting the installed granite and marble at the front entrance with wood for a ‘welcome zone’ that leads from the Pushkin (Andreevsky) Bridge. The team also addressed the desolate embankment of the River Moskva by designing and installing a leisure zone with a beach, showers, and a bar, with this “wooden beach” acting as a symbol of the renewed Gorky Park.

The welcome zone alternate entrance features a solarium with an angled surface which act similarly to the deck loungers, essentially saving of space along the river embankment. Visitors are able to sit or lie down on most of the wooden surfaces, thanks to the solarium was constructed, with those same wooden surfaces meeting each other at different angles as they descend to the edge of the water.  When the hot days of summer hit, this spot is extremely popular with sunbathers, and many different activities and events are held here. Since it’s highly recommended NOT to swim in the River Moskva, the design team decided to add a water feature for visitors, and those shower consoles stand outside the solarium area, right above the surface of the river.  The water from the showers collect in trays underneath and drain into the sewerage system.

Finally, next to the solarium is another universal recreational space that is located underneath a canopy which offers protection from the blazing sun (and being a South Texan, I understand hot weather). The canopy takes the form of a complex pergola and has space for a DJ booth, while under the bridge the design team installed two bars with wooden terraces and canopies in an original shape.


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