Why I Was (& Still Am) A D’Lo Brown Fan

Back in 1998, my interest in professional wrestling had kind of dwindled. I was still watching it and I was still intrigued in the saga of Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon and WCW vs. the nWo, but other than that, I found no balance between top stories/personalities to mid-card stories/personalities (which I feel are just as important — if not more important than– as the main-eventers) to keep the sense of variety going. Aside from the relatable boss vs. employee and company vs. invaders story, some swagger, trash-talking, finger-pointing and head-waggin was needed. In other words, I DEFINITELY took notice of D’Lo Brown, and I credit him for getting me back into wrestling.

Why D’Lo Brown? Well, I loved HOW he constantly had that growl on his face when talking — or yelling — trash to his opponents, extended his arms out to his sides and pointed out to the audience and wagged his head side-to-side screaming “YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE,” and, well, come on, if his entrance theme music wasn’t SO FREAKING AWESOME. I used to use his theme when I created my character in WWF WrestleMania 2000/No Mercy/Smackdown series video games, and, in fact, I liked his theme song FAR MORE than that familiar shattering glass one (in other words, YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE, Austin).

D’Lo brought an aura of smooth yet aggressive, in-your-face swagger and brash personality in his solo career that I didn’t notice in his days with the Nation of Domination, and only slightly emerged in his tag career with Mark Henry. It felt different from the typical tough guy personas I saw in wrestling at the time because it wasn’t just aggression, it wasn’t just rigid arrogance. D’Lo showcase a smooth, tough, and confident persona that just seemed to flow through in his matches like water; it just came off as more natural than most any other wrestler I was watching.  Plus, he’s the wrestler that CONVINCED me of the importance of the European Championship (all while claiming to be from a random European city before every match) and I felt he also continued the legacy of the Intercontinental Championship as being the “work-horse title,” as well as having me personally feel that the Intercontinental Championship was EQUALLY (if not more important) than the WWE Championship. Can’t hurt if you’re holding BOTH the European and Intercontinental Championships at the same time, like Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Jarrett did.


2 thoughts on “Why I Was (& Still Am) A D’Lo Brown Fan

  1. Awesome stuff man. I loved D’Lo as well. His solo run was far too short lived. It was amazing when he was both IC and Euro champ, even if holding both for him, too, was short lived. It was awesome while it lasted, he had a lot of charisma and as you say, was more interesting than a lot of wrestlers. He stood out, for good reasons, and he was good in the ring, and on the mic, etc. He honestly should have been pushed harder back then, than he actually was, and I wonder to this day why he kind of fizzled out and wound up on Heat. He could have been one of their top guys given the opportunity. Ah well. At least people like you and I remember how cool he was. In other words, we still recognize.


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