Hyperkin’s Pixel Art USB Controller Brings the Retro!

And now: bringing back memories of the corners of the old-school NES controllers digging into our hands after hours of playing. Only this time…there’s MORE CORNERS to cause MORE HOLES IN OUR HANDS!

Game accessory manufacturer Hyperkin recently announced the Pixel Art Controller line of PC / Mac gamepads, and while it looks like the blocky SNES-inspired design would destroy you hands, it appears to not be the case. When Destructioid’s Dale North got his hands on the prototype (which is handmade), he was pretty happy with it and only wished that the edges were a little smoother and the buttons were a little more rigid (which may be rectified by the controllers official release.

The Pixel Pad Controller has a similar layout to the Super NES Controller, with even the A, B, X, Y buttons being in the right configuration. Hyperkin hopes to get the Pixel Art Controller out the door in September, and while the controller offers a very eye-catching, unique alternative to other USB gamepads, even the ones that resemble classic game controllers.

But you have to admit: retro gaming is soooo freaking awesome!!!

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