The Multi-Purpose Living Cube Fits Life/Storage Into 100 Square Feet

Having recently gotten on-board the “Girls” bandwagon, I was particularly intrigued by the apartment belonging to recurring character Charlie Dattolo, which contained a series of custom space-optimizing casework, raised lounging platform over a bed alcove and a funky kitchenette. Seeing this had confirmed an personal preference that not needing a WHOLE LOT of space, just a smart method to utilize and maximize as much space as possible in a small setting.  This led me to find some work from a Swiss designer Till Könneker, who himself recently came up with a great way to maximize storage space in the limited space in his studio apartment.  Könneker created a loft bed called the Living Cube, which incorporates varied features ranging from an entertainment center, a clothes rack, and even a walk-in closet for keeping certain unmentionables out of sight.

I particularly enjoy how he brilliantly takes the bunk bed concept in the unit’s design that prevents the apartment from looking like a college dorm room, but rather more like a sophisticated dwelling with classy decor. The Living Cube he built covers over 100 square feet and holds his television, clothes, shoes, and vinyl collection and also has a guest bed installed on the top. Check out more pictures below!

[Thanks to illDesignsTaxi]

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