Lex Luger Interviewed on WrestleMania X, The 1st Nitro & God

Recently, Dean Puckering and Chris Dutton interviewed “The Narcissist”, “The All-American” and “The Total Package” himself, Lex Luger. In the interview, Luger discussed his career, finding religion and his future; also he has an autobiography out called “Wrestling with the Devil: The True Story of a World Champion Professional Wrestler – His Reign, Ruin, and Redemption“.  Some of the interesting highlights from the interview include the well-documented rumor regarding his knowledge of his WrestleMania X WWF Championship match, his appearance on the first episode of WCW Monday Nitro, and finding God.  After the break, there are some summaries from the interview, and you can listen to the entire interview by clicking this link.

If he was told he was winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 10:
“Contrary to what people believe, I was never told I was going to be given any kind of title. The only discussion me and Vince [McMahon] had was what to do with the Lex Luger character in the future if he DID decide to put the title on me. But no, I was never told I’d be WWF Champion at any point.”

Appearing on the first Nitro:
“On reflection, that was a pretty bad move by me. Me and Vince had a verbal agreement. I worked for him for 6 months without any sort of contract as my contract had expired. My mistake came when WCW signed me. I didn’t get to have a conversation with Vince to tell him I’d be leaving. But that was 100% my fault.”

Finding God:
“I feel wonderful now. I got to a point in my life where I realized that God is God and I’m not. I was beneath rock bottom but for whatever reason God put people in my life and he showed me the way. A very supernatural experience and that’s the only way I can put it.”

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