Family Wrestling Entertainment; Rest-holds & High-spots for the Family!

Professional wrestling, especially during the boom of the “Attitude Era”,  in the late 1990’s, has typically been presented as a somewhat mature product. While companies like World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (among some others) are a smidge-tamer in the violence and language departments (to capture a wider audience), other promotions like Extreme Championship Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling and others) were all out about the raw violence and language (to cater to a more niche audience).  Not many large-scale wrestling promotions seek a focus on a family-friendly presentation while totally refraining from the violence that comes with the territory of pro wrestling, some independent companies make that attempt.  One of which is New York City’s Family Wrestling Entertainment, starring several indy stars and former stars of WWE and TNA.

Family Wrestling Entertainment, also known as FWE (parent company is Top Rope Promotions, LLC), is an independent professional wrestling promotion based — and runs shows — in New York. FWE hosts a show about every four months, and they’re all available on Internet Pay-Per-View (IPPV), DVD and Blu-ray through their website.  Family Wrestling Entertainment (FWE) is committed to providing a family-friendly wrestling experience with the same action and excitement of the familiar TV-model, sans the violence usually linked with wrestling entertainment. FWE aims to have their storylines (often created by the wrestlers themselves) provide the promotion’s unique brand and style of in-ring entertainment, and keep it appropriate for all family members.

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