Watch Old-School Camping Slowly Die/Get Awesomer with Solar Charging Tent

Remember when people went camping to get away from the cities, life’s hustle-and-bustle, and technology?  Well, with the a newer, smaller and mobile gadgets available and being used by campers is at least diminishing that latter claim, which is good for those of us live connected lives.  When camping, you’re of course out in the sun, and if you wish to make use of all that free solar energy, then the Power Katabatic tent by Eddie Bauer is right up your alley!

The Power Katabatic tent comes with a Goal Zero solar charger on top, and a triangular piece that folds along with the tent for storage use. The tent also includes a Goal Zero-supplied solar charged battery for powering-up your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, and other USB device The Power Katabatic tent — which is not-quite-off-the-grid provides 36 sq. feet of interior space and weighs-in at around 8 pounds.

I truly believe that a tent like this means in NO way that camping is dying out or is becoming irrelevant with that advent of newer, convenient technology, This a an excellent method and device for introducing new campers and tech-knowledgeable children an awesome outdoors experience gradually without completely shocking them into a world of little-to-no modern technology. It’s also great for the hardcore campers who want to toss in some modern technology in the mix. If you wish to invest in one of these babies, the Power Katabatic tent will set you back about $500-$800.


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