This Twisted Cabinet Makes Me Want It and See It In LARGE Scale!

This walking cabinet, designed by Markus Johansson — which looks as if it were trying to run out of your house, apartment or dwelling or choice — showcases the illusion of movement, and isn’t just an change to make odd-looking yet unique furniture, but also allows for multiple of these units to be slid and connected together to create one, longer cabinet TO RULE THEM ALLLLLLLL!!!!

Before, if you wanted to have or get the perception that the legs of your furniture were angled, you’d either have to make some furniture on your own, update your own existing furniture, or drink yourself into a stupor, then tilt your head sideways.*

*We here at “The PractitioNERD” recommend the first two, especially if you’re experienced with power tools, because we’re looking out for you, Internet).

Just imagine seeing more bridges build like this with it’s legs (or piers, if you want to get all technical on me) were designed just like the legs of this cabinet! It would look appear as if the bridges were actually walking! You know, like an Imperial Walker from Star Wars; yeah, that’s what I want — I WANT BRIDGES THAT LOOK LIKE IMPERIAL WALKERS!!

Like THIS; but A BRIDGE!!!

So...What Do You Think?

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