‘WWE Battleground’ & Punk vs. Bryan at ‘Over The Limit’ 2012

Hmm, I feel like I’ve written about one of these topics before…. Oh well!

I want to start my mentioning that usually WWE holds the “Over the Limit” pay-per-view in May, but this year it was slated to be held in October this year, until NOW! WWE is replacing “Over the Limit” — due to a lack of memorable matches, save for Cena/Batista’s I Quit match and the match I’ve hyped before and you can watch after the break — and the new “Battleground” event will take its place. “Over the Limit” will join other defunct events (Breaking Point, Fully Loaded and Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday, to name a few), while “Battleground” will take place on October 6th, between “Night of Champions” and “Hell in a Cell.”

My GOD; this match was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

Anyway, my biggest fear is a typical case of WWE having one-too-many pay-per-views in a short period of time.  Since ‘Battleground’ would be the 1st of two October pay-per-views, there could be little time to build any hype going toward ‘Hell in a Cell’ and even LESS time after ‘Night of Champions’.  Somethings us wrestling fans are aware of is that this could just become another rushed and rematch-heavy pay-per-view.

Hopefully ‘Battleground’ can become a stable event like Extreme Rules and Money in the Bank, because these name changes and event switcheroos are very grating on my mind. Or, WWE could just change the name YET AGAIN in a few years…

…which also brings up this: WHERE IS ‘KING OF THE RING’?!?! BRING IT BACK, WWE!!

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