The Facts Behind the ‘Thorn In Your Eye’ Theme from RAW is WAR

If you were a wrestling fan in the mid-1990’s, then you recall the infamous ‘Monday Night Wars‘ between WWF and WCW, particularly the Monday night shows ‘RAW is WAR‘ and ‘Monday Nitro’. While the theme to ‘Monday Nitro’ was a fairly rousing instrumental track, the theme to ‘RAW is WAR’ was a hard-driving, heavy metal song with somewhat unintelligible lyrics. The name of the song is called ‘Thorn In Your Eye,” performed by a band called Slam Jam, which is comprised of a who’s-who of heavy metal all-stars.

The Slam Jam band was put together to record and perform songs on the WWF music album, “WWF Full Metal: The Album” — considered now retroactively as “WWE: The Music, Vol. 1” –, back in 1996. The band comprised of Jon Oliva (Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Michel Begeame and Olli Schneider (Such a Surge) providing vocals — with Begeame and Schneider vocalizing “Thorn in Your Eye” –, Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative) on guitar, Gary Meskil (Crumsuckers & Pro Pain) on bass and Tim Mallare (overkill) on drums.

Here are the MUCH DEBATED lyrics to the song ‘Thorn In Your Eye’:

Deport my rights! 
Hurricanes in chains! 
I see the donut 
And tried to MacBeth! 

Who’s been in the room? 
It’s Friday in Spain! 
Freedom in that sh*t
And want to refrain! 

Too much guns and not enough sky, 
What has caught the thorn in your eye? 
Too much guns and not enough sky, 
I lost again, but I gotta make change! 
Too much guns and not enough sky, 
What has caught the thorn in your eye? 

You just killed a surfer! 
You don’t care what’s inside! 
I see my donut 
Is dusted black and gray! 

Your brain can follow me
As you walk by! 
I reach out my hand! 
Display, and watch me cry! 


It’s my life in a box
And charred to beat! 
Taking chalk in my arms
It’s the soul of me! 
You want fire, 
Ashes see me laying face down
The more freedom rhyme 
For your alibi full time! 

I’m walking on stones and glass
When I reach out my hand
I know you can’t stand
Me for what I am
Or once I add it all
Are your only things
Ain’t just without weeks! 



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