‘DiveKick’, A Game with TWO Buttons: Dive & Kick…

With many complaints about video games becoming much too difficult to play, especially fighting games.  The typical complaints comes from the number of input buttons to execute combos and special moves, plus the increased complexity of many of the popular fighting games. I’m proud to make note of the impending release of a much simpler fighting game like ‘DiveKick‘, which has only TWO input commands: one button to dive, and another button to kick.


Dave Lang, of game developer Iron Galaxy Studios. recently announced on Twitter that ‘DiveKick‘ will be released on August 20 for $10 on PS3 and Vita (and IS cross-buy between the Sony systems). No details on whether or not the PC version would see release on the same day, but the absence of information might mean the PC version might have a different release date.


DiveKick‘ is best described as a fighter that manages and succeeds at capturing the essence and spirit of nearly every fighting game under that giant, hot ball o’ fire, all while simplifying it down to two buttons so practically ANYONE can understand the game’s concept and play. When you take into consideration that many modern fighting games are notoriously horrendous in that aspect — O HAI THERE, Street Fighter –, it’s fair to say that ‘Divekick’  is something pretty special.





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