The 3Doodler, a $75 3D-Printing Pen on the Horizon

After seeing the price points of Makerbot’s $500 Solidoodle 3D printer in April of 2012, it seemed as if this would be one of the few deals for a consumer-focused 3D printer, which were often priced at around $2,000.  That was, until NOW. The team at Wobbleworks is producing the 3Doodler, a 3D-printing pen that will launch at a whopping $75!

The device works similarly to a heated glue gun, as it takes a heated extrusion head of a 3D printer and incorporates it into standalone device by taking a strand of ABS/PLA plastic and threading it through the back and fed to the tip that melts the plastic.  It more of a freestyle creative art tool than a traditional printer, per se. The 3Doodler has two buttons on the front of the device that will allow you control the speed of the extruded plastic.  It would be wise to use the faster speed for 2D flat drawings and other stencils, but if you wish to build vertically — in the air, essentially — set the speed to slow to solidify that plastic as you build up. Of course, like traditional 3D printers (that sounds odd to say), you can still create 3D structures by printed (or drawing) 2D slides and then weld them together with bits of melted plastic like that Eiffel Tower picture below.

The first-run 3Doodler pens need to be plugged in, but Wobbleworks  has plans for a battery-powered version (which would need to address the extruder and large onboard fan), and a possible  kid-friendly version (which could address the hot tip).  Check out Engadget’s hands-on video below for more 3Doodler action for your eyeballs!


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