Can You Live in The Exbury Egg for a Year?

Well? Can you? Anyway, The Exbury Egg is designed by the SPUD Group and PAD Studio, and inspired by artist Stephen Turner, who was studying the nesting instincts of seabirds on the shore.  The egg was designed for the incubation and hatching of the artist’s work, and the self-sufficient structure will serve as a residence, vantage point and studio for Turner along the River Beaulieu in England for a full year.  Turner stated:

“Raising awareness of the past and the unfolding present of a very special location will be the task, whist living in an ethical relationship with nature and treading as lightly as possible upon the land.”

The Exbury Egg’s design focuses on the local vernacular with a boat hull-like design with a twig-like look, thanks to boat builder Paul Baker.  The structural support for the structure is made of Douglas Fir, covered with moulded reclaimed cedar — which is  intended to age and document the passing of the year.  To Turner, his occupation of the Exbury Egg is just as much a work of art as it is a physical product. Turner is inviting the company of local schools to engage and experience the project during the course of the year.  At the end of the 365-day period, the egg will travel as a nomadic exhibition.

Even though the location of the Exbury Egg is in a fairly remote area, the structure’s design is perfect for a practical work environment and doesn’t compromise the project’s “Lean, Green and Clean” and “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” initiatives. The egg’s potential energy requirements are calculated by Turner’s daily routines, providing the proper amount of solar power to offer year-round electricity in the egg for laptop/cell phone usage and seasonal heating/cooling.

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