Finish Up GTA IV as Iron Man Before GTA V Comes Out


I know what some of you are feeling: Grand Theft Auto V comes out this September (probably) and you still haven’t 100% your save game in Grand Theft Auto IV and the DLC games, The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.  But if you want to go back and finish or replay GTA IV AND you just had enough of looking at Nico Belic’s mug, there should be some awesome mods available for you (assuming that you own the PC version of the game).  One mod in particular would help you get your Tony Stark on in Liberty City…

If you’re playing GTA IV on PC and have a hankering for using missiles, energy beams, or jet rocket packs, go ahead and download the “Heartbreaker Armor” Iron Man mod.  Now I suppose that I don’t need to explain anything else in greater detail, but with this mod you can use Iron Man’s assortment of weapons to jet around Liberty City at insane speeds and cause a bit of trouble while you’re at it.

If you’re looking some extra genre-bending, universe-melting nerdy-goodness, be sure to check out another awesome GTA IV mod involving a certain famous, time-traveling DeLorean…

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