Watch Princess Zelda “Draw Her Life”!

The “Draw My Life” videos are an internet meme that started this year (2013), after the upload of a video from YouTube personality Sam Pepper, resulting in other YouTube personalities began uploading Draw My Life videos, which consist of the video creator narrating their life’s story while drawing figures on a whiteboard.  Apparently, the lovely Princess Zelda has caught wind of those popular “draw my life” videos and decided to give it the old college try. She must have SOME stories to tell, you know, from being kidnapped, put under deep sleep, secret/hidden identities, and taking matters into her own hands.  

As I mentioned earlier, since these videos involve people telling their life stories, they tend to be really emotional and/or fascinating look into their personal life; so OF COURSE parodies were coming!  I think going the route of “Draw My Life” videos centering on video game characters is a very interesting idea; it a fun way of reliving memories about a certain game you played when you were young and/or piquing your interest to look into a game you’ve never played before.

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