#FAIL! LAPD Raid Game Studio, Face Off with ‘Call of Duty:MW2’ Statue


Now, I know gamers like displaying our gaming-related memorabilia in our game rooms (gamers like myself and my buddy @PCWzrd13 — who you should follow and who sent this story my way). Now, a statuette and a life-sized statue are two similar yet different types of collectables (yet prices and size are the main differing factors), but if you have the latter, it’s not the best idea to place the life-size statue of a gunman from the ‘Call of Duty‘ series in the front window of your office.

Well, this is exactly what happened last Thursday night when the Los Angeles Police Department stormed the building housing the Robotoki game development studio. With weapons drawn, the LAPD went face-to-face with a gun-wielding, very life-like replica of soldier Simon “Ghost” Riley from ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘ and the studio’s president Robert Bowling, who was busy burning the evening oil.  According to Polygon, a unknowing employee mistakenly pushed the panic button of the office’s new security system. WHOOPS.

According the office’s security cameras, Bowling discovered that the employee hit the button, noticed that nothing happened and then left; he would tell Polygon the same story. However, earlier reports claimed that this was the result of a prank called “swatting”, in which someone calls 911 with the intention of having a SWAT team show up at a particular location.

They should consider moving this thing near the middle INSIDE the office and away from any windows. Just a thought, guys; just a thought…

[Thanks Polygon]

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