Sounds Like A Bargain: The Two-In-One House

As someone who enjoys thrift-shopping for books, clothes, media, electronics and games, it’s obvious that I enjoy looking for deals.  I particularly love moments when purchasing one item (say a DVD movie or game), and then a second movie or game is included with the purchase.  When I first looked at images of this house, I thought it was a very nice and simple looking house, but it turns out that this is actually a two-unit apartment building! Like, WHOA!  

The apartment building is located in the north east corner of its site, itself located on the edge of a residential zone outside Geneva.  On the site’s southern border is a forest that opens out to vast fields to the west, positioned between the city and nature.  The building is backed with a paved access ramp and the space between the apartments and the forest gives enough space for a swimming pool and a large, open garden.

The pitched-roof building’s program includes two apartments of varied size in a diamond-shaped plan, with a continuous party wall separating the two units, each with its own orientation.  The geometry of the diamond-shaped plan allows for greater potential for privacy for residents, because (alluding to my initial impression of the building) when viewed from the outside it appears as a single unit apartment.

Even though the structure — that conforms to high-energy standards — appears as a single-unit building, the facade’s split geometry makes it difficult to truly understand the full size of the building, but it gives each individual unit’s facade a domestic scale.  While the building’s program is certainly very interesting, the exterior walls and roof are entirely composed of colored concrete, with loggias made of larch that punch-out spaces in the facade and roof.

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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