Scanadu’s SCOUT is a REAL Star Trek-style Tricorder…Almost..

Scanadu (yes, I know what it sounds like) is creating a device that is essentially the real-life manifestation of the classic Star Trek tricorder.  The device, called ‘SCOUT’, would analyze, record, and present your vitals — temperature, respiratory rate, ECG, blood pressure (systolic or diastolic), stress and oximetry levels — within 10 seconds of direct contact with your left temple.  To financially support the SCOUT, Scanadu is launching an  IndieGOGO campaign with the goal of $100,000. SCOUT is set to cost about $200, however if you’re one of the first thousand backers you’ll only have to spend $150 with a projected Q1 2014 shipping timeframe. Currently, the SCOUT has not been approved by the FDA yet, but Scanadu hopes that the fundraising campaign and its early adopters will aid in their quest for approval via testing and useful data feedback.  Also, one of the perks for being an early adopter includes a trip to NASA as a “citizen astronaut for a space medicine workshop”. YAY!!!!  

The outer design of the SCOUT has the sensors up front with a more rounded casing, and the internals of the device includes a 32-bit processor built on top of Micrium, which is the very same system NASA uses for SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars) aboard the Rover Curiosity. The SCOUT also has a disposable urine analysis device (called ScanFLO, which uses two paddle-like devices to test for pregnancy, bilirubin, protein, nitrate, pH levels, leukocyte, blood, glucose levels, etc. ) and a number of sensors — from accelerometers to IR sensors to microphones — that allows the SCOUT to scan and analyze anyone’s vitals.  Scanadu’s founder Walter de Brouwer says that any other functionality is very possible via firmware updates.

[Thanks Scanadu & Indiegogo]

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