Meet Hypercubus, a.k.a., An Interesting First Impression

After you either responded with “OOHs”‘, “AHHHs”, or “what? wait? I don’t even”,  I shall attempt to get you up to speed to give you an understanding of the Hypercubus house, designed by Studio WG3 in Styria, Austria.  The concept behind the  Hypercubus house is based on three fundamental concepts:

1) Utilizing open areas with available and self-sufficient infrastructure,
2) The construction and transportability of small modular living units, and finally
3) Creating a new regional tourism concept — the prepaid apartment — using a uniform design.

These sets of minimal housing units use existing resources, and are transportable due to their mobile construction and can be used wherever there buildings are needed on a seasonal basis during the year at any time.  What that means is that site dependent deficits in use can be compensated out of season, and for larger events, these building units can be brought together from across the region.  Since the Hypercubus units create their own uniform design, they are able to create an identity for each and any place where they are transported to and used.  Check out more pictures after the break!

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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