A Classic Returns! ‘Shadowrun Returns’ coming to Steam in June!

Shadowrun is a science fantasy role-playing game, first published in 1989, that is set in a near-future fictional universe where cybernetics, crime,  magic and fantasy creatures co-exist. The original game spawned a diverse franchise that includes a collectible card game, two miniature-based wargames, multiple video games, a series of novels and music.  My earlier experiences with the Shadowrun franchise is limited to the two video games released for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, and now — thanks to Kickstarter — Shadowrun Returns, the long-awaited video game sequel, will be coming out for PC this summer!  

Shadowrun Returns is being developed Harebrained Schemes, and at launch the game will be available this June on Steam and through the official game site (free of DRM). However, the DRM-free version hosted on Harebrained Schemes’ site won’t contain any community support because that is tied to Steam Workshop, and the developers explain why:

“We realize that for some of you, releasing on Steam isn’t your first choice but there are a lot of really great things we get from this decision that allow us to focus on the game rather than on making things like backend servers to deploy and manage shared content. From the start, we’ve had to make practical decisions like this one to ensure we get the most out of the support you’ve given us. We consider this to be the best option for everyone.”

[Thanks Kickstarter]

One thought on “A Classic Returns! ‘Shadowrun Returns’ coming to Steam in June!

  1. Just to be clear, the DRM-free version of the game available directly from HBS is only available to Kickstarter backers. As of now Steam is the only way to pre-order the game, but HBS said they are hoping to sell it through other services, too (i.e., Desura).

    Anyway, I backed this game and I’m so excited!


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