Peaceful, Non-Violent & EPIC ‘Drive-By’ Photography

Johnny Tergo is a photographer based in Los Angeles who has developed an interesting way in snapping some awesome shots. Since he’s already a frequent traveler, he wanted to take advantage of the time he spends commuting, which takes the idea of “drive-by” and turns it on its ear.  Tergo built a custom camera and lighting rig inside his Chevy Silverado, allowing him to take great-quality pictures while he’s on the road.  This is definitely the type of drive-by that I can get behind. HOORAY POSITIVITY!  

Here’s how this works: from his driver’s set, Tergo can control his mobile studio via an app on his iPad Mini called Capture Pilot.  Through there, he can remotely set exposure, and use custom-fitted controls to allow him to maneuver the mounted lighting system for illumination purposes.  This rig of photographical awesomeness consists of a Canon 1D Mark IV, a Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 lens, a laptop, the aforementioned iPad mini, two studio lights, and a reflector. One light is located in the passenger seat along with the rest of the camera gear, and the second light — with a reflector — is located toward the rear of the truck.

Another interesting thing is that most of Tergo’s subjects are completely unaware of the photographs being taken, until he gives a signal to them beforehand with a simple honk of the horn.  Granted that many people get angry with this style of photography — and Tengo admits that this happens quite a bit — and hurl verbal lashings his way.  But if you’re in Los Angeles and you happen to see this vehicle coming, be sure to put on a happy face.  Well, at least put on a smile for the Clippers; because the Lakers are giving LA absolutely NO reason to celebrate.

[Thanks Johnny Tergo & Peta Pixel]

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