Vietnam’s “Blade Runner”-Esque Pavilion Competition Proposal

It’s been a while since I’ve made references to “Blade Runner” in my architecture stories, so — ladies and gentlemen — here’s that follow-up you’ve been waiting for! This is a conceptual design for Vietnam’s Pavilion for the Expo 2015 in Milan, and it focuses on creating a space that mixes settlement and agriculture. Designed by H&P Architects, the building is steel-framed with large modules connected via simple joins and/or overlapping (the longest module is at least 23 feet long).

The Pavilion aims to create a symbolic image through simple and inexpensive installation methods, calling back to Vietnam’s history and culture in cultivation. For example, to cut costs, salvaged wood is used as cladding over the structural steel. The Pavilion has a multitude of functions, including: force resistance, planter, exhibition space and furnishings, technical/utilitarian spaces/use (water, electricity, escape, etc.). The green field covering the structure assists in creating a microclimate, food, and projecting the aforementioned symbolic, historical image by integrating the greenery with traditional roofing.

I love how the Pavilion appears to be growing from the ground, and that the building’s steep volumes allows the creation of excellent viewpoints in any direction. It also makes the suggestion in the advocating of focusing in agriculture in future architectural projects, rather than fall habitually into uncontrolled urbanization. Good on you, Vietnam.

…also THIS!!

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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