Get Your Own Sega Pluto Console (Not Really)!

Heh-heh-heh; fooled you, didn’t I PCWzrd13? HA-HA-HA. #ShoutOut

Anyway, during the lifetime of the Sega Saturn (between 1995 to 1999), Sega was creating a new and updated Saturn console with a built-in NetLink modem nicknamed “Pluto.” This was done because, well, you know, Sega couldn’t help themselves NOT to release and support YET ANOTHER gaming console — and this gripe is coming from a Sega fanboy, mind you. Well, it’s been rumored that only two Pluto system are in the wild, and one of them is up for auction at GameGavel courtesy of user kidvid666, who says that he purchased the Pluto for $1 at a garage sale about five years ago.  

A white Sega Saturn and the Sega Pluto console… FLIP-TOPS UP, SIDE-TO-SIDE…

Bids for the console start at $1 and are set in $100 increments, and after three people threw in some offers, the top bid went up to $7,600.  Bidding for the system closed at midnight on the morning of April 26th.  Kidvid666 admits that this Sega Pluto unit was a faulty flip top that won’t  stay closed without some type of weight on top of it, however once the lid is closed the system appears to work just fine.

[Thanks Destructoid & Game Gavel]

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