Defending Video Games As Much More Than Entertainment


Video games are an excellent form of entertainment, and has been since becoming popular in the country in the 1970’s.  However, like most forms of entertainment, video games have been scrutinized for violence, mature adult themes, and — possibly my favorite — being nothing more than just a “dangerous time sink”, which is fancy talk for “time-wasting”. Alan Henry of Lifehacker posted this article on how video games can be treated as something more than just an “entertaining waste of time” back in February of last year, and was one of the best things I’ve read regarding video games truly being more than meets the eye.  I recently came across the article again, and felt the need to share it on how video games can relieve anxiety, teach players new skills, and keep players motivated to complete tasks.  

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Henry makes multiple cases via the good-ol’ point/counterpoint method to focus on four points in his argument.  He explains how video games can make you smarter (in certain capacities), the psychological, physical and therapeutic advantages to playing games, the learning and educational benefits to gaming, and the science behind the research on gaming affecting cognitive abilities & functions. The entry, in its entirety, can be read via the link below.  It shouldn’t be taken as the be-all end-all in the fight to strongly carry the banner of gaming as more than playing with toys, but it’s definitely a power argument in favor of one of our favorite hobbies.

[Thanks Alan Henry/Lifehacker]

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