Get Your Point-And-Shoot and LEGO On At The Same Time!

I swear you guys; I CANNOT get enough of LEGO-related awesomeness! Here’s the proof.  It doesn’t end with that as Flickr user RGB900’s Lego DSLR is by far one of the most detailed LEGO creations I’ve ever seen. What may be more impressive than the camera itself has to be the flexible neck strap, possibly made from tank tread LEGO pieces. The detail in this creation is increased by the fact that the camera also includes an external flash. For another LEGO camera creation, check the rest of the entry after the break.  

But that’s not the only LEGO camera creation, as LEGO master builder Chris McVeigh created his own alternative to Leica’s insanely expensive $50,000 M9-P ‘Edition Hermès’ camera. While this LEGO version cannot actually take photographs, you’ll only have to pay $38 for a kit.  However, if you already have a stock of spare LEGO pieces lying around, you can just download a set of PDF DIY building instructions McVeigh has kindly provided on his site (link below). Hurrah to creativity!!

[Thanks RGB900 & Chris McVeigh]


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