Your Favorite Modern Games Get Dr. Seuss-ed!

No, this is not two worlds being brought together via a sudden merge of two universes, nor a (probably) excellent proposal for a video game based upon any of the Dr. Seuss properties and characters. And maybe, the game would actually be good.  This is just an awesome example of how you can re-imagine some of the most violent video games into cutesy, harmless-looking childhood books.  

Over at his DeviantArt gallery, Dr.FaustusAU showcases his talent of emulating the signature art style from the Dr. Seuss books.  As far as gaming goes, he shows some examples of his Seuss-ian adaptations of Bioshock (above), Skyrim, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill (as shown below). His work also includes reinterpretations of superheroes like Batman, iconic horror film Evil Dead, classic television series The A-Team, and current (and soon-to-be classic) programs like Dexter. He even has a single rhyming verse for each of his work examples. Nice touch, good sir!

Ido like, shall like DrFaustusAU’s work. I can’t be jealous, ’cause I’m no jerk!

[Thanks DrFaustusAU]

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