A Man Walking in Suit &…HOLY CRAP, THAT’S A ROBOT!

Do you remember that video of the Metal Gear-esque BigDog robot that could toss bricks.  No? Well, here it is.  Anyway, the folks behinds that project, Boston Dynamics, have recently released a new video of another one of its robot creations that may have the potential to destroy humankind via a robot apocalypse. Maybe. The creation is called Petman, and it’s designed to be a test unit for military outfits, hazmat suits and other forms of protective garb.  Once you watch the video after the break, you won’t BELIEVE that it’s NOT a person in that suit based on its insanely, realistic movements.  

Creeped out yet? The realism doesn’t stop at Petman’s gait and movements, but the humanoid’s artificial skin is designed to detect any type of chemical leaks in case any of the suits fails.  PLUS, the skin is able to produce its own micro-climate to recreate natural hot and sweaty conditions a human would actually experience. So yeah, they’re KINDA like Terminators.

Also, THIS. Thank you, internet.

[Thanks Gizmodo]

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