Get Your Own Forest Lookout Tower Headquarters!

When you’re an architecture firm trying to prepare a winning competition entry for the Archi<20 competition festival of architecture held in the Alsace region of France, CLP Architects was attempting to come up with a design that could follow the proper criteria. The rules were that the building needed to be: functional, eco-friendly, sit on a 20-square-meter pavilion (while reflecting local, natural environment), and not exceed the budget of €7,000. Sounds a little daunting, huh? Well, CLP overcame the competition restraints and devised the L’Observatoire.  This tower-like structure provides people a whole, new way to interact with the surrounding forest, offers various lookout points and places to rest, kick back, relax on each floor. It appears that the firm’s resulting structure is a prime example of beautiful form and efficient function.  

Here’s some quick stats of the building’s features: the tower is made of wood with modular walls that feature a repeating square pattern. The patterns of the square windows and wooden panels almost reflect the way light is filtered through the tree branches in the forest, essentially blending into the environment. On the inside, three different floors are connected by an interior staircase, and those same stairs take up almost one-fourth of the interior space, while the rest is open for seating.

I can only image…what if Robin Hood had himself one of these?

[Thanks Inhabit]

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