Chris Jericho: Fun Facts About the Ayatollah of Rock-N-Rolla

Wow, Chris Jericho is…the…MAN!  I’ve already gushed about Y2J in a post regarding why he was always welcome in the WWE, but for those who are unfamiliar was to why the Man of the Millennium is so awesome, Daine Pavloski of the Bleacher Report complied a list of fun, little factoids of the Man of 1,004 Holds himself.  Ever since debuting in October of 1990 in independent wrestling shows in Canada, Jericho has wrestled in various countries, took the ECW, WCW and WWE by storm, and competed in matches with — and beaten — some of the best professional wrestlers to ever step foot in the squared circle.  This list may even make you become a BIGGER fan of the Brewer of Jerichohol.  

1) He’s won over 30 championships in ECW, WCW & WWE (including being the 1st Undisputed WWE Champion), he’s a six-time world champion, a record nine-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and the WWE’s 4th Grand Slam Champion.

2) He and the lead singer of metal band Fozzy — Moongoose McQueen — look eerily alike **wink-wink**

3) Branching off of point #1, he defeated BOTH The Rock AND Stone Cold Steve Austin IN ONE NIGHT to become the 1st-ever Undisputed WWE Champion

4) His WWE win-loss record is 172-234-25, because he’s a gracious and intelligent enough to help push and get up-and-coming superstars over.

5) In case you remember that SNL movie MacGruber (you’re not alone), he was in it as Frank Korver.

6) He was the FIRST person eliminated from the reality series Celebrity Duets, DESPITE singing with BOTH Stevie Wonder AND Peter Frampton on the SAME NIGHT! INJUSTICE!!


7) He’s a co-owner of the D1 Tampa sports training facility in, well, Tampa, Florida with Derrick Brooks, Chipper Jones & Tim Tebow.


[Thanks Bleacher Report]

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