Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: The Funniest Guys In The Room


Southern California-based independent wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) was founded in 2003, and injected it’s unique brand of disciplined in-ring athleticism, involved crowd interaction, and humorous skits into professional wrestling.  PWG was founded by and run by the wrestlers themselves, with its original founders of Southern California wrestlers Disco Machine, Marc “Excalibur” Letzmann, “Joey Ryan” Meehan, Scott “Lost” Epperson, Danny “Super Dragon” Lyon, and Top Gun Talwar. Since then, Disco, Talwar and Meehan have left the company due to retirement and/or new contract work in other promotions.  

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla officially debuted on July 26, 2003 and is also popularly known for its aforementioned unique mix of humor and professional wrestling, included their own press releases (known for being over-the-top) and their hilarious live show titles, including “Kee_ The _ee Out Of Our _ool!”, “Kurt Russellreunion”“Taste the Radness”, “Are You Adequately Prepared to Rock”, “Free Admission (Just Kidding)” and “The Next Show”.  The promotion’s best selling DVD is thier first nationwide release, PWG Sells Out.

Preview of PWG’s Last Event, DDT4 2013

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s next big show is ALL*STAR WEEKEND 9, which will take place starting TOMORROW (March 22nd) and Saturday, March 23rd in Receda, California.  Check out this interview from Steven Bryant of SoCal Uncensored with the original six founding members to get a taste of what exactly they were thinking to want to start their own promotion and get a glimpse into their interesting senses of humor.

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