A House in Sayo That’s More HALLWAY Than House!

Oh the hallway. The often short and narrow space that leads to and from one interior space of a house to another.  Sometimes (more than not) , transitioning form one space to another doesn’t even need a hallway, just a wall with an opening.  It’s almost sad to see the  interior corridor in homes go the way of the do-do bird…yeah, I know I’m exaggerating.  However, instead of multiple, smaller hallways in homes, how about having one hallway that connects EVERY room?  

The House in Sayo is located in Hyogo, Japan and was designed by Shintaro Fujiwara and Yoshio Muro of Fujiwarramuro Architects.  The house’s building area measures at 82.78 square meters on a site area of 262.53 square meters. The main feature of the house if the narrow space that runs through the middle of the residence.  The hallway expands, contracts, curves and meanders during its run through the home.  The hallway space later morphs and transforms to a small, transitional room allowing for study, reading, relaxation, or even teatime.  As the width of the hallway space changes, the purpose of the room and its relationship with any surrounding areas changes with it.

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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