These Ice Buildings are Really…Cool. I Apologize.

Again, sorry about that pun; I’ve been watching “Batman & Robin” because I felt a need to punish myself. Anyways, we typically think of buildings being made of materials like concrete, brick, steel, and other things.  But what about ICE; you know frozen water?  I’m taking about entire structures made of the stone cold stuff, not some piece of novelty furniture or some bar you saw on television. Here are 5 of my favorite and extravagant complete ice structures found ACROSS THE WORLD!!


Made from 10,000 tons of ice, the ICEHOTEL was the very first ice hotel was built in 1990 in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. The ice comes from water in the Torne River, and the ICHOTEL is rebuilt every year.

The Eagle River Annual Ice Palace

The Ice Palace in Eagle River, Wisconsin is erected every year. According to the city’s website, the program began in the 1920s because there wasn’t much to do in the small midwestern town.

Entry from the 2013 Harbin Ice & Snow Festival

The town of Harbin, China hosts the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival on a yearly basis, where many of the entries (like the one above) are giant, majestic icy structures that become illuminated and look even more beautiful.

The Quebec Hotel de Glace

OH CANADA! The Hôtel de Glace in Québec is the only ice hotel in North America. It’s made from 15,000 tons of snow, 500 tons of ice, contains 36 rooms and hosts approximately 140,000 visitors a year.

The LumiLinna Snowcastle

The LumiLinna Snowcastle in Finland is by far the most amazing ice structure I’ve ever seen. Currently in it’s 18th year of operation, the sheer scale and lighting that is involved in this complex of snow and ice is awe-inspiring.

[Thanks ICEHOTEL, Eagle River, Harbin Ice & Snow Festival, Hotel de Galce, & LumiLinna SnowCastle]

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