Mega Man’s Mega Buster Mega-busting USB Stick

Even though I have shown more love for Sonic on this site, I have shown my fandom for Capcom’s Blue Bomber, Mega Man. I’ve mentioned the FACT that Mega Man 3 is better than Mega Man 2, the 25th anniversary soundtrack collection, and the crossover comic with Sonic, and today I share the new 8GB Mega Buster USB stick for $19.95, that should be on sale at the Capcom Store this week. But this USB drive is much MORE than meets the eye.  

I know that 20 bucks is pretty spendy for an 8GB USB flash drive (even for a novelty item shaped like the iconic Mega Buster), but loaded on this flash stick are: digital copies of the Mega Man #1-4 comic books, Mega Man Tribute Art BookMega Man X Complete WorksStreet Fighter X Mega Man soundtrackSFxMM wallpapers, and a link to the current build of the popular Street Fighter X Mega Man game.  The true steal (**wink**) in this deal are the digital copies of the Mega Man Tribute and Mega Man X Complete Works, especially since MXX Complete Works is hard to find (and EXPENSIVE), so you might as well pick this USB Mega Buster up if you’re a fan.

Mega Buster. There, it’s out of my system.

[Thanks Capcom-Unity]

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