NFL QB Drew Brees Spoils Location of WrestleMania 30

Typically, we would have to wait until the current year’s WrestleMania to find out where the following year’s “Granddaddy-Of-Them-All” with take place.  Well, it turns out that New Orleans Saints quarterback has let the cat out of the back early as far as where WrestleMania 30’s location with be in 2014. Earlier this week, Brees (via @drewbrees) excitedly tweeted:

“The word from the French Quarter is that @WWE is bringing @WrestleMania to our house in 2014!  @MBSuperDome 

Well, I guess that ends all of the months-and-months of speculations for ABSOLUTELY ANYONE who has been following this story, the breaking news that WrestleMania 30 (or the clever “XXX,” if it were the “Attitude Era”) will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans shouldn’t be THAT much of a shock to anyone.  

Think about it: the Superdome had just hosted this year’s Super Bowl, which had a front-runner facility for a while now, plus the BenzInsider mentioned that the stadium would be a likely venue for WrestleMania, mainly due to the fact the Louisiana’s attractive money-saving tax credits are popular with many entertainment companies, WWE included.  Back in 2010, WWE Studios filmed many of their feature films in Louisiana for that reason; John Cena’s film “12 Rounds” even takes place in New Orleans (and as an action movie, it’s decent).

But I know what you’re thinking: But, but, WHAT ABOUT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN?!?! WRESTLEMANIA 1, 10 AND 20 TOOK PLACE THERE!! While it’s true that Madison Square Garden has a storied and nostalgic history with the WWE, there were two HUGE disadvantages. First, while it’s true that three WrestleManias were held there (I, X and XX), it would not have been a bold of a location and would have risked a level of monotony.  Second, according to the opinion of WWE announcer Jim Ross, he tweeted recently that:

“The monies lost in having a WrestleMania in an arena vs a stadium is astonishing, literally millions of dollars. I’d stick w/ stadiums.”

To clarify, Madison Square Garden only hold about 20,000 people, while the Superdome can seat over 70,000. It’s a better business decision to hold the WWE’s biggest pay-per-view event of the year in New Orleans.  That, and should the lights go out we can just pretend that it’s the Undertaker’s fault.  Then blame Drew Brees for not attaching a “spoiler warning” to his tweet.

Jerk move, Brees.


[Thanks Bleacher Report]

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