Uh-Oh: Cyberdyne’s Robotic “HAL” Suit In Japanese Hospital Trials

Yes, you read that correctly. A tech company named CYBERDYNE has developed walking robotic technology called HAL. While I could just focus and panic based on why they would create something so awesome from two (TWO) evil sci-fi monikers, I’ll attempt to focus on the positive.  Cyberdyne’s HAL robot suit has found an even nobler occupation: helping patients rehabilitate from debilitating nerve and muscle illnesses.  

According to the Asahi Shimbun (one of the five — and one of the oldest — national newspapers in Japan), ten hospitals in the country are about to begin the first set of clinical trials of the lower-body version of the suit, which was designed for the intended use by health care professionals.  Here’s how it works: the suit detects any weak bio-electrical signals sent from the muscles of the patients, which results in activating the tiny motors and power units that would assist the 30 adults who are participating in the trial to learn how to walk again. Cyberdyne’s (**shudders**) HAL (**double-shudder**) device is also scheduled to be trialed in European hospitals as well.



[Thanks Asahi Shimbun]

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