Get Ready for San Antonio’s 1st 100% Bookless Public Library! HUH?

Aren’t e-books and digital media an awesome thing? With all those, who needs ACTUAL BOOKS? Also, what about those buildings that hold books; the libraries? Yeah, looks like they won’t be needing those outdated and obsolete tangible books anymore! This fall, the first public, and BOOKLESS library is coming to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, and once the world goes the way of Blade Runner, we may see more of them around soon.  

San Antonio’s new book-free library, called the “BiblioTech,”– a nice little pun on the Spanish word for library, “biblioteca” —  is set to open in this fall at 3505 Pleasanton Road, and serves as part of Bexar County’s entire bookless public library system in which the library will lend out e-readers (of an currently unknown brand) for two-week periods-at-a-time. The facility will also contain computers like most libraries do, however, no books (of course), and possibly no card catalog as well.

While several academic libraries have toyed with the idea of going bookless for a while now, San Antonio is the first to take the charge to start a new system of libraries that will be bookless from the beginning. Judge Nelson Wolff, the man behind the plan, is very optimistic, despite the possible problems with the e-readers falling victim to theft, telling the San Antonio Express-News:

“We do have your name, we do have your address. You check it out for two weeks, just like a library book. In two weeks, your e-book goes dead, so you won’t have anything worth keeping.”

[Thanks San Antonio Express-News]

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