You Wanna See This Award-Winning Micro-Apartment?!?

If there is one issue in particular that is affecting New York City, it is housing.  To address this concern, the adAPT NYC Competition was held in the city to find an example of an mini-apartment complex that could be developed into a new housing model for a smaller household population in the city.   The competition recently announced a winner (along with five finalists) in which many of the entries focuses on condensing the sizes of  typically larger living areas to save space, offering multi-functional rooms.  Each of the submitted proposals also include concentration on local community interaction, which makes up for the small apartment units with more public amenities provided in the building.  

The above two pictures come from the winner of the competition, proposed by Monadnock Development LLC, Actors Fund Housing Development Corporation, and nARCHITECTS. This micro-apartment unit consists of 55 units ranging from 250 to 370 square feet, designed as prefabricated living modules that are to be manufactured at the local Brooklyn Navy Yard by Capsys.  The complex will give residents a rooftop garden, bike storage, lounges on each floor, fitness room, general storage, a multi-purpose communal room,  decks, laundry room, and a café, and will be located at 335 East 27th Street in Manhattan and scheduled to be completed around September 2015.  The development will also be rent stabilized, as 40% of the apartments will be set aside as affordable housing units.

Check out some images of the runner-up design entries below, and for more info, head on over at the ArchDaily website.  Believe me when I say that you WILL be VERY impressed with the hard work that went into these submissions.

“CO: Compact, Connected, Complete”, proposed by Jonathan Rose Companies, Curtis + Ginsberg, Grimshaw, Scape, and Life Edited
“Max” by Properties & Bronx Pro Group LLC, HWKN, and James McCullar Architects
“Studio House”, designed by the Durst Organization and Dattner Architects
“Tandem” by Hamlin Ventures LLC, Forsyth Street Advisors LLC, Rogers Marvel Architects, and Future Expansion Architects
“UNTITLED” proposed by Pocket Living and BFC Partners with Rogers Stirk Habour + Partners and Alexander Gorlin Architects

[Thanks ArchDaily!]

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