And You Thought YOUR Nintendo Collection was Awesome…

Tokyo resident Isao Yamazaki, a website developer by day (and/or by trade), fell in love with Nintendo early on, stating in an interview with website Before Mario, that he started collecting Nintendo items since 1982. He said that his first Nintendo items were pencil erasers, and since then, Yamazaki has been amassing quite possibly one of the most amazing Nintendo collections you’ll in the ENTIRE WORLD (check it out after the break)!!!  

Since 1982, Yamazaki has obviously expanded his collection from pencil erasers (in case you couldn’t tell from the photo), as his collection now includes old Nintendo toys, 100+ year-old playing cards, old school games and consoles, A FREAKING BABY STROLLER, autographs (such as an original Famicom signed by its creator, Masayuki Uemura). Wanting to share his discoveries with the greater public, Yamazaki, an expert on Nintendo history, also authored books on the company and even curated an exhibition featuring retro Nintendo items.

[Thanks Before Mario]

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